About Us

As previously mentioned, the Ancient Catholic Church, Global (ACCG) is a 1st century denomination of Orthodox Catholicism that was recovered by the 12th century Knights Templar from the Temple of Solomon.

Based upon international law recognizing us as the source of the Old Catholic Movement, the sovereignty of the ACCG was restored in 1129 A.D. and again in the 21st Century.

Possessing its own inherent Pontifical authority, the Ancient Catholic Church, Global embodies the canonical denomination of Orthodox Catholics.

The word “Catholic” is from the Latin ‘Catholicus‘, which actually means “Universal”, in the sense of being the “general” foundation for otherwise diverse groups. The word “Catholic” was first applied to the Holy See of the Church of Rome ca. 1554 AD.  Prior to 16th century Vatican usage, the concept of “Catholic” was a basic mission of the 1st century Ancient Church: The Apostles taught the first Churches “to keep the unity of the Spirit… till we all come in the unity of the Faith… that we henceforth be no more [distracted], tossed to and from, and carried about with every wind of doctrine” (Ephesians 4:1-16)

As the primary and original denomination of the earliest pre-Christian source of all classical Christianity, Orthodox Catholicism is the most sacred tradition survived through the Biblical Ancient Priesthood of Solomon. The 12th century Order of the Temple of Solomon recovered, restored, and preserved  this Ancient Priesthood of Biblical Solomon, as their 21st century heirs did once again in the 21st century.

Orthodox Catholicism predates derivative doctrines which were developed after the 1st century. And although it contains the essence, elegance, scholarship, and formality of Catholic tradition, it does not entail any “dogmas”.

Unifying Source of Old Catholicism & Liberal Catholicism

Orthodox Catholicism is compatible with all denominations of Christianity because Jesus Christ continued to teach the Apostles the theology and practices derived from the Priesthood of Solomon that was supervised and administered by the Essenes during that era in history. Consequently, the apologetics of Orthodox Catholicism are the cornerstones of all genuine spiritual religions: Pentecostal, Celtic, Gnostic, Old Catholic, Reformed Catholic,  Protestant, Evangelical,  Episcopalian, Liberal Catholic, etc. Therefore, denominations are encouraged to participate in the religious life of the Ancient Catholic Church, while maintaining autonomy, by entering an inter communion agreement with the ACCG. This relationship encourages denominational churches to choose their own liturgy and prayers  to be used  during liturgies and prayers as they are so inspired by their tradition and inspiration.

However, for those denominations that care to experience, practice, and incorporate the apologetics, holy traditions, and to be governed by the Canons of the ACCG, they can be accepted into Full Communion with the Pontificate, and become part of the ACCG as full members. By embracing both Inter-Communion and Full Communion Agreements  with these denominations, the ACCG forms its interdenominational membership of autonomous Churches in Communion with one another as the cornerstone of ecumenical unification.

The Ancient Catholic Church provides Inter or Full Communion members with a  deeper understanding of Ancient  Faith that was established by the original doctrines of early Christianity as the basis to provide education and support regarding ancient and classical liturgies, seminary studies, sermons. This inclusiveness fosters a balanced atmosphere of ceremonial sacraments with the praise and encouragement of evangelical sermons.

In short, the Ancient Catholic Church is Orthodox Catholic in its apologetics and champions ecumenical unification by providing the means for multidenominational autonomy to practice their apologetics while receiving more information about Ancient Faith doctrine to further develop the timeless foundation and experience of ancient church doctrine.